by Event Horizon

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released August 31, 2012

All music by Event Horizon.
Lyrics by Michael Godding & Ryan Matheson.
Produced and mixed by Christopher Vernon.
Mastered by Zac Arthur at Shaithe Records.

Copyright Event Horizon 2012



all rights reserved


Event Horizon Melbourne, Australia

Event Horizon is:
Michael Godding - Vocals
Ryan Matheson - Guitar/Vocals
Tavis Pirie - Guitar
Brenton Leech - Drums
Jayden Hawse - Bass

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Track Name: Grasp
Our lives have become, twisted,
Tormented; all is dark.
A bare bone weakness drawing blanks,
Our strength draws weaker through the ranks,
Pushing back thrusts of utter fear,
Brace yourself for what is near,
Shadows gazing, your reflection doesn’t lie to you,
Prove yourself, amend yourself, bar the gates,
Close your eyes, they lead an attack on your mind,
They lead an army, and we can’t hide,
And they breached our souls,
And they seized our minds,
We’re struggling to keep, what’s rightfully ours,
How can ones fate, be written with but a stroke?
A twist of the hand, the path is all but set,
Pacing ourselves for what is left to come,
Bring this reign upon us, and break our faith.
Break our faith.
Bend my will.
I will not ask you,
To save me from this mess,
This task is not yours.
Let me find my way.
Screaming for someone to break me free,
Nobody hears my screams,
My yell of disbelief
I cannot faulter,
I will no longer hide,
We will defend ourselves,
Tear down your routine walls,
Erase the mask you hide behind,
Identified as a coward,
Named a disbeliever.
I’ll leave you for the pigs.
Track Name: Ensnared
This government is one big lie
Always taking the biggest slice
One more tax then another crash
In the end we all die
All the lies, all the hate, representing true humanity
Confined within their clutches, should we believe anything
Just step back
And take a breath
Is it still worth it?
Should you even try?
You can't rewrite destiny
Time is short when greed comes before compassion.
Suddenly I awaken and see it all so clear
Dont try fix that which is not broken
Pointlessness; redefined as meaning
Again, I'm stricken by confusion
A stranglehold, I cannot break free
I cannot break free
Still confused
Still clueless
Still lost
Still broken
Questioning my own beliefs
I seek nothing more than direction
A blank page before me
I write my story
Just when I think everything is clear, It distorts again.
For those never given a chance
those that died before their time
We comend you
We honour you
Track Name: Deceived
In truth I can’t escape you
Controlling everything
Until obsession ends me
I will surrender to you
My life, my heart, my passion
My soul I’d sell for you
My muse, my love, my angel
Your will, I submit too.
And so this fear consumes me
And so regret takes my hand
Every cry that I hear
Rings out through my fucking head
A glass cage surrounds you
A veil I can’t tear through
Destroy what’s left of my mind
Tear at the flesh on my bones
In my mind I saw this vision
It consumes me, my obsession
I just wanted a single day.
Without your thumbs crushing my throat,.
I just wanted to fucking breathe.,
And I, gave up long ago,
And I just need some sleep.
I can't keep up anymore
Erase yourself
In truth I can’t escape you
Controlling everything
Until obsession ends me
I will surrender to you
My life, my heart, my passion
My soul I’d sell for you
My muse, my love, my angel
Your will, I submit too
Track Name: Mirage
Each stride that I make seems to be in the right direction
But the goal is further away
Looming on the horizon, it's so close
But as I get nearer
It's just another mirage
further weakening my resolve
My will to go on, withers away
My hope chipped down
Is it just a sham
A huge illusion
Created by my own
The great unknown
A weight upon my shoulders
Pulls us all down
Not relenting
It seeks all
I will uncover the truth to the martyr
Nothing is secret, to me
We all deserve to know, why we are here
Are we alone
Floating aimless in space
An accident of time
Another failed race
Our lack of integrity
Flows within our veins
We're only human
It's why we give in so soon
So soon
This constant pressure it's unbearable
Track Name: Admiral
Your arrogance
Your reputation preceeds you
Your incompetence
I wouldn't want to be seen near you
Your arrogance will be the downfull of it all
Your incompetence will be the end
You are ruin incarnate
Spreading hate is all you are for
Fuck off, you're wasting space
I don't care for your feelings
Constant dribble, I'm so sick of complaining
Go throw yourself into my memory
Tainting everything around me
Forcing us into hiding
Your emotional baggage makes us sick
Enlightenment is far from your reach
Track Name: Putrefaction
englightenment is no longer an option
our gods have abandonded us in a system of mistrust
our great race, not longer worthy in the eyes of its creators
stripped from its former glory
A desolate cityscape
once habited by many
its now dull and desperate
Nature takes hold with ease
unsatiable hunger; never pleased
Concrete turns to dust at the touch
The air is cold, crisp to the throat
the beating heart of the nation
all but an artifact
left to rot and decay
So illogical
The great form of irony
So illogical
The great form of irony
This beast unstoppable