from by Event Horizon



Each stride that I make seems to be in the right direction
But the goal is further away
Looming on the horizon, it's so close
But as I get nearer
It's just another mirage
further weakening my resolve
My will to go on, withers away
My hope chipped down
Is it just a sham
A huge illusion
Created by my own
The great unknown
A weight upon my shoulders
Pulls us all down
Not relenting
It seeks all
I will uncover the truth to the martyr
Nothing is secret, to me
We all deserve to know, why we are here
Are we alone
Floating aimless in space
An accident of time
Another failed race
Our lack of integrity
Flows within our veins
We're only human
It's why we give in so soon
So soon
This constant pressure it's unbearable


from Misanthropy, released August 31, 2012



all rights reserved


Event Horizon Melbourne, Australia

Event Horizon is:
Michael Godding - Vocals
Ryan Matheson - Guitar/Vocals
Tavis Pirie - Guitar
Brenton Leech - Drums
Jayden Hawse - Bass

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